Reviewed by Louise McKeon


I think The missing link is a good book because the whole story is part of an adventure. Danny, a strange boy whom people think is disabled, goes to find his mother. Christy, his stepbrother follows him to make sure he is all right. Together, they set off on an adventure to find out what Danny is and about the mysterious ‘Fourth World’ that his mother talks about. They are joined on their journey by a homeless girl called Tina G and a talking dog named Oggi.

The author includes a magical place in the story called the ‘Fourth World’ which might put people off who don’t like books with magic in them, but I would still recommend the book to people who don’t like fairy tales because the whole story keeps you on the edge, wondering about Danny and by the end, you can’t wait to find out what the Fourth World is. I won’t say any more about the story as it would spoil the storyline, but I will say it is a very good book. I would recommend it to anyone over the age of 10-

GEORGIE by Malachy Doyle (2000) Bloomsbury, London . ISBN 0 7475 5154 5.
This book is about a troubled young boy called Georgie. He has seen and heard horrors in his short life and eventually gives up on himself- He becomes destructive and breaks everything he gets and is eventually left in a bare room with only a mattress in it. He won’t talk. He won’t go to school. It finally gets to a stage when he won’t even get dressed.

Then everything changes. He is given a second chance when he is taken to another children’s home. The staff are different there, friendly, not too rough or scared of him. He is introduced to a man who is good to him and a friendly girl that he has a lot in common with.

This is a very good book and it shows us how lucky we are and that not everyone has a good childhood. It is not very adventurous as most of the story is situated in the same place, but it is interesting to see how Georgie makes something out of his life. It shows us that no matter what conditions you grow up in, or whatever happens to you, you can always make something of
your life and become somebody.

THE MISSING LINK by Kate Thompson (2000) London, The Bodley Head. ISBN 0 370 32409 9.