Fiona McLoughlin explains how Cerebral Palsy Ireland/CPI has become ENABLE IRELAND


At the start of our project to rename Cerebral Palsy Ireland, we held over 45 ‘name generation sessions’ with stakeholders (service users, parents, volunteers and staff); through this process, approximately 700 names were suggested. Not only did this prove to be cost efficient, it also allowed us to develop a name that originated from the people who make up our organisation. Prior to the name generation sessions, a group of staff were trained in name generation by Behaviour & Attitudes and they employed the skills they learned in facilitating the sessions conducted around the country.

That Enable Ireland has managed to implement the massive undertaking of a name change at a fraction of the normal cost is due to the support and sponsorship of a number of organisations who have offered their services at greatly reduced costs. The following projects illustrate this point:


The development and design of the new logo and identity was carried out by Carton LeVert. Careful consideration in choosing the company, and the clear identification of our needs at the designer selection stage, led to good rapport. The fact that they were eager to listen to our wishes during the design development period was important in producing a successful new brand design for Enable Ireland.


The material to be included in all Enable Ireland’s new publications was produced by representatives of the organisation’s staff nationwide, after regional consultation. It was felt that no one outside would be as well qualified to write about the organisation as the people who are part of it. A screening committee of staff and service users monitored and approved the final content of the new publications. The end result has been information about the organisation and specific services, by the people immediately involved in those services.


Another project which reflects the modernisation and forward-looking approach of the organisation is our website. This marks a considerable improvement on our previous site, with the priorities now placed firmly on ‘the three I’s’: informative, interactive and interesting!! There will be sections catering for all ages and for differing needs, information will be included on all the services provided in the twelve Enable Ireland centres nationwide, as well as fundraising details, children’s games, helpful advice and information for parents, and information on how people can get involved. Fluid Edge, the team developing the site, have managed to produce a website that met the objectives outlined and that reflects the new ethos of Enable Ireland. We think it looks fantastic.


Paradise Pictures are the young and creative team responsible for the Imagine adverts. They have done a good deal of work for several charities, including Enable. Their professional and sensitive approach during the production of the new video for the organisation resulted in a powerful presentation of Enable Ireland by three of our service users. Again, selection and briefing of the potential video production agencies was comprehensive. Clear goals and objectives were identified prior to selection, and they were fully understood and adhered to by the company selected.

Media Plan

Enable Ireland has managed to keep promotional costs to a minimum, and our media plan proved to be a great success, owing to research on our audiences and their needs. Des Cahill kindly offered his support by doing the voice-over for our radio campaigns. The decision to focus on regional radio and press allowed an effective coverage of our target audience at a fraction of the cost of a television campaign. This approach promoted local Enable Ireland to local people. Each area was able to personalise their promotion within a more general framework which maintained the national identity of Enable Ireland and communicated the consistent message that our mission is to enable those who use our services to achieve maximum independence, choice and inclusion in their communities. We aim to do this by offering a range of services and supports of the highest quality, in line with the needs and wishes of service users and in active partnership with them.


The launch event for a new name can be a very expensive project. At Enable Ireland we wanted to keep the event for the people who matter most – our stakeholders (service users, parents and staff). At the same time, we organised a launch day that would inform the public of our aims and future plans effectively and efficiently. Supplies for the launch were either donated, or were provided at minimum cost – from the food and drinks, to the balloons released on the day.

The Future

All in all, the change of name to Enable Ireland cost us less than £50,000- Now we need to project our new name and design nationwide and raise awareness of the aims and objectives of Enable Ireland, always in consultation with service users, parents and staff.